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If you are looking for great tasting cookies in Portland look no further! We are Grove Cookie Company, and we make the softest cookies in the metro area. 

Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Portland, in Tigard, we specialize in crafting delicious, gourmet cookies. Stop by and experience the magic for yourself!  

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The best cookies in Portland: freshly baked treats

Nestled just outside of Portland, Oregon, Grove Cookie Company prides itself on crafting cookies that not only taste delicious but also bring a smile to your face. We are dedicated to providing you soft and delicious cookies!

So, if you are from Portland or near our shop located in Tigard, it is your lucky day. You can come pick them up or have them delivered to you via our third party delivery service.

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Cookie pickup vs. cookie delivery in Portland, Oregon

At Grove Cookie Company, ordering your cookies online is simple and reliable. We ensure that your cookies arrive in perfect condition, straight to your hands. Whether you choose to pick them up at our Portland factory or opt for convenient home delivery, we make it all possible for you. Enjoy freshly baked cookies, tailored to your preferences.

Local roots: founded by a husband & wife duo in Beaverton

Founded by Marie and Grayson Hogard in 2021, their company began from their townhouse in Beaverton, with a commitment to creating soft, delicious, small-batch cookies.

Now from their Portland bakery, with a team of talented bakers, they've shipped over 36,000 orders nationwide as of May 2024!

Their passion for spreading joy is seen with every cookie created.

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Best custom branded cookies in Portland: why are we your best option?

Cookies Portland with personalized gift message and logo: 

Each order comes with a complimentary custom gift message, personalized with your own logo to add a special touch. We take pride in crafting these tailor-made message cards at no additional cost, ensuring your gift is as unique and memorable as your gesture.

Cookies are the perfect gift for every occasion: 

Don't have an address but you want to send someone a sweet gift? You can send cookies to anyone in the USA via email or text. Make your gift memorable and delicious.

Gourmet excellence:

Indulge in the top-quality, irresistible cookies. As a veteran-owned business, we're committed to excellence, crafting each batch with the finest ingredients for your enjoyment or your recipients.

Fast and Fresh Cookie Delivery in Portland, Oregon

Enjoy fast, delicious cookie delivery across the southwest Portland metro area. Order online for fresh, gourmet cookies delivered right to your door or for pickup from our shop in Tigard. Cookies Portland Oregon origin are perfect for any occasion!

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Bringing sweetness straight to your door with our cookie delivery in Portland, Oregon

Delicious and delightful cookies are a perfect choice for celebrations, parties, birthdays, corporate events, and more! No matter the occasion, selecting the best cookies in Portland Oregon is always a wise decision. Choose from a variety of delicious flavors and customizable options, whether you want to indulge yourself or give them as a beautiful and unique gift.

  • How far is the company located from Portland?

    We are just a quick 15-minute drive from downtown Portland, in Tigard. Find us on Google Maps.

  • Can I order cookies online?

    Absolutely! Visit our order online page to get cookie delivery Portland Oregon directly to your doorstep. Explore our catering options to help make your next event a delicious one.

  • Where to find the most delicious cookies in Portland?

    At Grove Cookies Company! Offering the finest cookies in Portland, Oregon. Discover our array of flavors and personalized cookie choices. For inquiries or special requests, feel free to reach out. Let us elevate your cookie journey!

  • Can I pick up my order instead of choosing Cookie Delivery Portland Oregon?

    Certainly! Whatever works best for you, we are here to ensure it happens. Orders take less than 10 minutes to fulfill when you select our pickup option.

  • Do you sell cookies for company events?

    Yes! If you're searching for cookies in Portland for a company event or any special occasion, you've come to the right place. Explore our wide selection of cookies and customize your order with your choice of flavors and decorations tailored for your event!

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